There are many recommended books in this section of the website.  As you can see, these are parceled out into interest areas including recommended readings by the Dalai Lama, Jungian titles for the beginner, intermediate and advanced as well as an array of self help books for exercise, diet and "other stuff" for general entertainment.  Feel free to browse!  Mood music CD's are also recommended.

Each title is linked to for purchase with a reference back to our site.  For each purchase you make through our links, we receive a 15% commission which we donate to Project Open Hand.


Check out our LOGO items in the Uroborus Gift Shop

The current logo item is our wonderful Russian Devil from the Soviet Union. It is a terrific yet, hard-to-find, Sandplay figure which can be purchased from the website Archetypes listed in our Sandplay Resources.  The Russians would hang this devil up by his tail when something was missing from the house until it was found.  Then the devil could be removed from his hanging position.  The foundry which produced this terrific figure was destroyed in recent years and the images are no longer made.  Archetypes is the only place I have found in the USA which still has them

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